Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lust, Caution - Tony Leung (2007) - #30 Po Shan Road, Midlevels

Well, after sitting through 3 hours of Lust, Boredom...oops I mean Lust Caution, I figured a special mention should be made of the house on Po Shan Road that served as the assassins HK-cover. Here is a picture of the place courtesy of the excellent Urban Ghosts Media website.

Here are the film grabs in case you need your memory jogging.

Now I have some very sad news for the art deco architecture lovers out there - not long ago this house was (in true HK-style) completely demolished and will be developed into some new swanky residential complex. Of course the new building will be completely lacking in character but I'm sure the apartments inside will sell for multi-billions of dolars and make someone a lot of money whilst this glorious house becomes just a faded memory on a film. Where was the uproar when this place went under the demolition ball? HK is a fickle place.

Po Shan Road now courtesy of street view.