Missing films

Over the course of this blog (over 5 years already!) and the various bits of research I've done, there are a few films that I have heard of or been informed of that seem to evade capture (literally).

The list is short at the moment but I'm sure it will grow over time. It would be great if anyone could point me to copies (preferably legal!) that are available to buy:

The 1960's short film based on the Amah rock legend. It was directed by Brian Salt, who at the time was working for the HK Govt Information Services and starred a post-Suzie Wong Nancy Kwan. According to various sources (including Chaplin Chang and author Pete Moss) the film was largely shot over at High Island in Sai Kung.

A US-Italian co-production that starred Brad Harris. There is a copy available online at the following website: http://www.myduckisdead.org/2015/09/this-time-ill-make-you-rich-1974.html but I lack the ability to pay for the faster download so if anyone can point me in the direction of a more accessible copy (or one that will take paypal) then it would be appreciated. It also goes under the titles of Questa volta ti faccio ricco! and Zwei Schlitzohren in der gelben Hölle.

The 7 Masks of the Judoka (1967)

I was made aware of this one by a reader who mentioned it features the walled village in Kam Tin as the bad guy's HQ. I asked my usual go-to German DVD supplier but they don't have it. It's another one with Heinz Drache. The German title is Die sieben Masken des Judoka and in French it is called it was released Casse-tête chinois pour le judoka. It's on Amazon.De but sadly it doesn't look like anyone will ship to any of my addresses :-(


  1. Zwei Schlitzohren in der gelben Hölle is available in youtube.

    1. yes, hi, I already downloaded it, but it looks like very little was filmed in HK. Cheers, Phil