About me and this blog

Welcome to my humble film locations blog. This was an idea that was kick-started by my childhood fascination with Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon and all the Hong Kong locations that featured within it.

Since moving to HK in early 2006, I've had lots of opportunity to explore and thought it would be interesting to see where movies had been filmed here. Seeing as there were already some great blogs that covered a significant amount of HK cinema (see the blogroll) I figured I could focus on foreign film/TV productions (e.g from Japan, the US, UK, France, Italy etc) shot (in part or whole) in Hong Kong.

I'm overwhelmed by how much material I have at my hands and when I originally started this blog I figured I may get 30 or 40 films worth of posts. I'm currently up to over 90 largely thanks to the help of various people who read this blog (in particular AP from the UK who has provided me with a veritable treasure trove of films and TV series). I keep finding out about new and old films all the time and the posts keep growing. So a big thanks to everyone who visits and a special big thanks to those who are instrumental in providing me with source material and with identifying locations that are often beyond my own abilities.

Screen shots are provided for reference, but their copyright remains with the respective studios and distributors. The watermark is there because lots of people were sharing my findings with no link backs (always annoying) and Streetview grabs are provided courtesy of Google. Where possible I try to provide my own photos for comparison, but the sheer scale and number of locations means this is becoming harder and harder.

If you enjoy reading my posts and wish to share it on other social media there is no need to seek permission, but a link back would be nice - believe it or not, there is a significant amount of work involved in putting this together so it is nice to at least get some sort of acknowledgement. For those who would like to contact me in private, I can be reached on the following email address (please use your common sense to make it into the correct form).

oriental_sweetlips 'at' hotmail 'dot' com