About me and this blog

When I was 12, I watched Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon for the first time and was enthralled not just by the action scenes but the language and filming locations as well. Hong Kong was a far off and exotic place and I was fascinated by it all.

Here we are 30+ years later and I have been living in HK since 2006 and rediscovering much of my wasted childhood and teenage years of watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films.

I was already blogging about off-the-beaten-path places and things on my original blog and found myself increasingly stumbling across locations I recognised from films I had seen and it became a worthy side enterprise not just because I was a big film fan but also because the nature of Hong Kong's rapid change means that many of the (particularly older) films were inadvertently documenting key parts of Hong Kong's rapidly changing environment. So, here we now are with a dedicated blog.

I could've covered the film locations from my favourite genre - martial arts - but my German friend Andi already has that covered (though we do sometimes overlap), and I could have covered HK films in general but Daniel was also doing a fairly good job at that as well (again , we have some areas that cross), and the film pilgrimage master, Gary Wong, has an excellent Chinese language blog and book that beats us all hands down - but is largely in Chinese. So I figured that the various international productions filmed here (I don't care where they are from: US, UK, Japan, France, Germany etc) were a worthy and relatively unexplored area and so here we are.

I've actually been quite overwhelmed by how much material I have at my hands and when I orginally started this blog I figured I may get 30 or 40 films worth. Thanks to the help of various people who read this (in particular AP from the UK who has provided me with a veritable treasure trove of films and TV series) I keep finding out about new and old films all the time and the posts keep growing. So a big thanks to everyone who visits and a special big thanks to those who are instrumental in providing me with source material and with identifying locations that are sometimes beyond my own humble abilities.

Screen shots are provided for reference, but their copyright remains with the respective studios and distributors. Streetview grabs are provided courtesy of Google. Where possible I try to provide my own photos for comparison, but the sheer scale and number of locations means this is becoming harder and harder.

If you enjoy reading my posts and wish to share it on other social media there is no need to seek permission, but a link back would be nice - believe it or not, there is a significant amount of work involved in putting this together so it is nice to at least get some sort of acknowledgement. For those who would like to contact me in private, I can be reached on the following email address (please use your common sense to make it into the correct form).

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