Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Pok Fu Lam Road Bus Terminus, Kennedy Town

The start of what has to be the film's action centre piece - a car versus bus chase through Hong Kong streets - kicks off at the bus terminus along Pok Fu Lam Road just opposite Pokfield Road. A-Cheung narrowly escapes being kidnapped by the baddies (led by Roy Chiao) and makes his escape in a hospital ambulance quickly followed by his captors, and Henry Silva steals a yellow double decker bus and chases after them all.

The building on the opposite side of the road in the thrid picture is 10-16 Pokfield Rd, a residential building that is still around. The terrace with the car parked on it is still a car aprk but the brick retaining wall looks to have been hacked away at the end and replaced by a covered walkway that loops down into Pokfield Road.

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Peak Road, The Peak

This is the junction where Peak Road is joined by Barker Road and Guildford Road. The buildings at the back are the former 2 Barker Road  and 1 Barker Road, neither of which exist anymore.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Craigmin Road, The Peak

The fashion designer with whom Silva is trying to strike a deal lives in a nice house up on the Peak somewhere. I'm still not sure about the house's actual location (I'll stick it up on my help page later) but the road where A-Cheung heads up the driveway is in fact next to 62-66 Peak Road. The sloping road is actually Craigmin Road.

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Silva's contact for the espionage deal is a fashion designer and they first make contact at one of his shows being held at what we are led to believe is the World Trade Centre (built 1975) in Causeway Bay. Here is the establishing shot that shows us the front as well as the Excelsior Hotel next door.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Ma Nam Wat, Sai Kung

The baddies (which include a very young Melvin Wong) have a secret base on a fish farm in the New Territories. After a bit of looking around it looks as though this particular one was floating in front of Ma Nam Wat just outside of Hebe Haven. If the name of the place rings a bell it might be because this was also the area where Jack Palance filmed some of Kill a Dragon a decade earlier. There is still a fish farm in the same location today.

And here is Melvin, not far into his HK film career and already sporting his trademark moustache. I have a claim to fame in that I had the exceptionally good fortune of meeting Melvin (and his wife Angie) back in December 1996 at a mutual friend's childrens' birthday party (his son Wesley went to Shatin College with my friend's children) and all I can say is he and his family are a really nice bunch of peeps.

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Shanghai Industrial Investment Building, Wanchai

A Cheung - the bumbling character who causes most of the film's action (after accidentally swallowing Henry Silva's microfilm of "Foxbat" photos) runs a cooking class in the Shanghai Industrial Investment Building. The place is fairly unmistakable with its exterior window design and is still standing at 48-62 Hennessy Road.

It also pops up later in the film as the finale plays out. In the second grab below you can see the building that became the Metropark Wanchai Hotel - made famous a few years back during the Swine Flu outbreak of 2009 when the poor guests were quarantined in there for a whole week. The Metropark Hotel chain hasn't had a great run of luck with communicable diseases because the Metropark Kowloon (formerly the Metropole) was the hotel at the centre of the SARS epidemic in 2003, followed by the Swine Flu incident in 2009, it's no wonder they have changed the Wanchai hotel name to the "Kew Green Hotel".

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

I'm sure there is someone who knows the exact spot this was filmed on given the appearance of the "Cameron Photo Supplies" sign in the background, however, it looks like this was towards the Chatham Road South-end of Cameron Road given the fact that in the second screen grab you can clearly see the Park Hotel on the opposite side of the street.

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - Kai Tak Airport, Kowloon City

Another establishing shot just in case you failed to recognise Hong Kong's famous harbour from the first one. This one is of a plane coming into land from the vantage point of the carpark next to Prince Edward Road East.

Ein Sarg aus Hong Kong - Heinz Drache (1964) - Woosung Street, Kowloon

A big thanks to Arthur for getting this seemingly obscure street scene from Ein Sarg aus Hongkong. A bit of nifty searching by him has located an address thanks to matching up some of the shop signs that can be seen on the left hand side of the lower picture.

The white columns with red writing along the left side of the street tie up with a picture Arthur found at the following thread on the Uwants forum (it's a great resource for old Hong Kong pictures as long as you have a decent grasp of Chinese literacy (sadly, I don't).

So we now know that this particular stretch of road, where the (most likely) fictitious "Celestial Empire Hotel" is situated. This whole stretch - between Jordan Road and Nanking Street - has been redeveloped, however, the curved corner building in the mid distance is still around and it's on the corner on Nanking Street and now houses the Goodrich Hotel. It was built in 1964 so must have been brand new when this film was shot (probably why it looks so clean!).

Anyway, once again a massive thanks to Arthur for finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Foxbat - Henry Silva (1977) - View from The Peak, Hong Kong

Foxbat is an English language Hong Kong film made in 1977. I've known about this film for a while because Jon Benn plays a small role as some sort of head honcho at the CIA but have had a hard time tracking down a copy until I found a company that had a DVD release (

Unfortunately the print they have looks like it was from a Japanese VHS release because the picture quality isn't great and there are embedded Japanese subtitles to contend with, so if anyone knows of a better resolution version then please let me know. In the meantime it has a whole bunch of new places to see as well as some old ones.

The film starts off with a Russian jet fighter (the "Foxbat") being flown into Hokkaido in northern Japan and all the countries around the world are scrambling over themselves to get hold of its technology. The action soon moves over to Hong Kong as the various interests all meet up to strike a deal.

Cue an establishing shot of the harbour. Sadly not a great quality picture and the interlacing on the film doesn't seem to be fixable. But even so you can still make out some detail.

I'm not 100% positive, but the angle of this view appears to me to be taken from Peak Road near to the junction with Magazine Gap Road. My reasoning is that I believe the building in the bottom left of the lower picture is the pre-remodelled "Katoomba". Those who have read my Noble House posts may recall that when that series was being filmed (circa 1986) the whole house was undergoing extensive renovations. The angle on Stonecutter Island at the back also indicates that general area.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Flatfoot in Hong Kong - Bud Spencer (1975) - Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Another one from Flatfoot in Hong Kong that I have just found. It was seen during the chase sequence between Bud Spencer and Al Lettieri. It's a quick shot of the stone steps next to the Mariner's Club at the end of Middle Road. The modern day comparison (and blurring) is courtesy of Streetview.

Flatfoot in Hong Kong - Bud Spencer (1975) - Lung Yu Restaurant, Jordan Road

One of the benefits of going back every so often to look at films I covered when I first starting blogging here is that sometimes I see places that I now recognise. Case in point is this brief shot of the Lung Yu Restaurant from Flatfoot in Hong Kong starring Bud Spencer. We don't get to see much other than the dragon effigy above the main doors but it's still fairly recognisable. You can compare it to the shots I posted when it appeared in I Spy and Ein Sarg aus Hongkong.

Shirley's World - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - The Peninsula Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui

Having previously cropped up in the episode Figuratively Speaking, The Peninsula Hotel also makes an appearance in Evidence in Camera.

Hong Kong film fans might recognise the chap in the bottom scree shot. It's Ho Li-yan who was a prolific local actor throughout the 50s/60s/70s and is perhaps most recognisable from playing Angela Mao's chaparone in Enter the Dragon when they are attacked by Han's henchmen. In this episode, he plays the fisherman father of the thief who stole Shirley's camera.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Shirley's World - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - Former Marine Police HQ, Tsim Sha Tsui

When Shirley has her camera stolen, she goes to report the theft at the Marine Police HQ in TST.

Shirley's World - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - Connaught Road, Central

This is the section of Connaught Road in front of where the old Star Ferry pier used to be. You may remember it from The World of Suzie Wong, but by the time Shirley's World was being filmed the old Queen's Building had already been replaced by the Mandarin Oriental (seen in the background on the left).

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Shirley's World - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - Kowloon KCR Terminus, Tsim Sha Tsui

We haven't had this building for a while. For those who don't realise, this was the train station that used to stand along the Kowloon waterfront and whose sole remaining artifact is the famous clocktower.

In Evidence in Camera we get to see a fair bit of the place, mainly from the inside which I don't think I have seen on this blog before.

Shirley's World - Shirley MacLaine (1972) - KCR railway, Tai Wai

The opening scene of Evidence in Camera is a really nice shot of the northbound KCR train rumbling through what is now Tai Wai in the southern part of Shatin District. Some examples of these old green carriages can still be found at the Hong Kong railway Museum in Tai Po. It's still my favourite HK museum despite being quite small, so if you get the chance to go then I recommend you do.

From the angle of the track and the fact that I can't see the old bridge that used to cross Keng Hau Road, it looks as though the camera was positioned somewhere along Tai Po Road near the Shatin heights section.